Come to S.A.A.K. our Amazing Island

Our new Country is waiting for you to come!

Our new country S.A.A.K. is located west of Namibia, located at 23 degrees south, 0 degrees. Summers are always warm because we're near the equator, and in Winter its always cold. There are Mountains, and flat land. Our natural resources include water, gasoline and forest.

Government & Economy

We are a Republican nation, with unlimited power! We are all about Free Enterprise. We export grain, rice, wheat, hair products and coffee beans. We import oil, wood, paper and rubber. We make a lot of money from services, and also a little bit of manufacturing. We have many jobs, including education, safety department, construction workers, engineers, lawyers,and government.


On October 1st, In the 21st century people were boating in the Atlantic Ocean from Namibia, and saw land. They came to S.A.A.K. Soon people realized it was a country with many good jobs! By November 2nd, 2014, people from around the world were coming to S.A.A.K for good money.
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Why you should move to S.A.A.K.

You should move here because we have so many amazing things you will just fall in love with our Island. We have great jobs for examples ( lawyers, doctors, police department, dentist, and many more awesome jobs that pay a lot of money.)

We have a beautiful beach. Our Island is huge and great to be in. You will so so many people that are nice and are government is also amazing.

They are republic and unlimited. So start your own business and you can pay people how you want and you pay yourself how you want.