The Catacombs Of Paris

The empire of death!

History of the catacombs.

In the 18th century these caverns and tunnels were mined for building stone. The catacombs is also a long on growing network of tunnels that stretch on for about 200 miles. There is about six million souls buried inside the catacombs. The quarries or catacombs were once used as a hideout during WWII for the French from the Germans. In the 18th century merchants used the secret tunnels to sneak into Paris and avoid paying taxes on there goods. Mushrooms were grown inside of the catacombs in 1940s and 50s.

Translation for photo: "Stop! Here lies the empire of death"

Why I chose this topic

I chose this topic because who wouldn't want to learn about a bunch of buried skeletons that were moved out of there graves because Paris was overcrowding. I also picked this topic because it intrigued me to learn about Frances darker past.

Guaranteed to see lots of skeletons

Fun facts

There is about 50,000 visitors a year at the catacombs. Another name for the catacombs is quarries. The average temperature inside if the catacombs is 57 degrees Fahrenheit. Just before the French Revolution, Charles X threw wild parties in the catacombs. Cataphiles is another name for the people who like to explore the catacombs illegally.

The catacombs today

There is 2 km of walking on a tour inside the catacombs and if your under 14 you need an adult to enter. There is also no bathrooms inside catacombs. When the police patrol that search the catacombs have found cinemas,restaurants, and even discotheques.