Between the Shades of Gray

Ruta Sepetys

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My book review

This is a book filled with heart ache, racism, terrible trials, and mistreatment. But it is also a book filled with inner strength, and strong family bonds. Between the Shades of Gray moved me in a way that only amazingly written books can move you. It made me laugh, and cry, sometimes separately, and sometimes all at once. I learned valuable lessons from the experiences of Lina and her mother. When her brothers life was saved by a pocket watch, i felt the relief coming from Lina. And when she found out that there was a chance that her beloved father might be alive, I could feel the joy and hopefulness dripping off the pages. The vivid descriptions and thrilling story make you never want to put the book down, and make you want to read it again.
Between Shades Of Gray- Movie Trailer