Barack Obama vs Mitt Romney

The Presidential Election of 2012


The major political issues of this race are economy, healthcare, and taxes. Barack Obama thinks that it was a good idea to increase the debt limit, and that more taxes are needed to decrease national deficit. He also believes strongly in "Obama Care," and believes that the wealthier 1% of Americans should be taxed more. Mitt Romney, on the other hand, thinks it was a bad idea to increase the debt limit, and increased taxes are not necessary to decrease national deficit. Also, he disapproves of "Obama Care," and thinks the wealthier 1% do not deserve to be taxed more.


Based on the polls right now, Romney is leading with decided states, but Obama has a strong lead in the swing states. If Romney is able to lure in a few more voters in the swing states, than he might be able to win the election, but from the looks of it, Obama is likely to win based on poll numbers at the moment.