The Newsletter for SUHSD Teacher Induction

October 2016

SUHSD Teacher Induction links beginning teachers with experienced colleagues to ensure student success

As of this month, our program serves a growing number of participants:
  • 245 Induction Candidates in all content areas at nearly all SUHSD school sites
  • 64 Induction Mentors representing all content areas at nearly all sites

Our Goal: Quality First Instruction

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SUHSD Classrooms: How Do We Organize Space for Learning?

California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTPs)

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SUHSD Classrooms: How Do We Engage Students in Learning?

Featured CSTP: 4 (Planning instruction and designing learning experiences for all students)

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"Lesson Plan," as used in Induction, refers to the way classroom activities are organized to engage students to develop proficiency in desired outcomes.

A "lesson plan" should be a practical, daily tool used by a teacher to create conditions that evidence student learning.

Proficiency in CSTP 4 is evidenced through a lesson plan whose required contents are described below.

  • Essential question(s) for the lesson
  • Relevant standard(s) for the lesson, with citation from policy document(s)
  • Student outcomes for the lesson and evidence to be used to determine proficiency levels in those outcomes
  • Time stamps demarcating segments in the lesson
  • Description of student activity and teacher activity for each lesson segment
  • Resources and materials used within the lesson
  • Plans for differentiation of instruction within the lesson

Accompany your lesson plan with a description of visible learning evidenced by your focus student. How did s/he engage in your lesson? What work did s/he produce? To what degree did s/he demonstrate mastery of the objectives of the lesson? How do you know?

See below for samples illustrating purposeful planning for student mastery.

Sample lesson plan: ELA/HSS/Literacy

See lesson with hyperlinked resources here. Big thanks to John Patel (Induction Mentor) for creating this model!

Sample lesson plan: Math

See complete lesson here. Big thanks to Devon Senneseth (MOH) for sharing her work!

Sample lesson plan: Science

See complete lesson here. Big thanks to Lan Nguyen (OLH) for sharing her work!
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Sample lesson plan: Photography

See complete lesson here. Big thanks to Daniel Solomon (SYH) for sharing his work!
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Induction Candidates and Mentors Offer Feedback to Guide Formative Assessment of the Program

Mentors and candidates express confidence in the Individual Learning Plan (ILP) process and communication.
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What Do SUHSD Induction Mentors Do?

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Ongoing Workshops for Mentors and Candidates

Classroom Observations Help Recognize Visible Learning

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Classroom Observation Protocol guides process for Induction

Induction participants (candidates and mentors) use a structured Observation Protocol. It includes a pre-observation meeting, the observation and a post-observation meeting. See here for this tool.

Cross-site "Learning Walks" provide Induction candidates a chance to learn and grow

See here for a collection of Classroom Observation materials and resources. Contact Induction Mentor John Patel or H/SS Curriculum Specialist Kelly Leon for more information.
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Do you have a Learning Walk planned at your site?

If you have planned a Learning Walk and would be open to including colleagues from another department/site, share your information with the Induction office by emailing Katrine Czajkowski or Doreen San Nicolas.

Participate in the SUHSD ObserveMe Challenge!

Post the template below outside your door to inform visitors regarding feedback you'd like them to provide. Kathleen Monegan (SYH) has already posted hers. See it here!
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16 Induction Candidates Qualified for SUHSD Induction Early Completion Option (ECO)

Key application requirements included

  • Teaching experience (at least one full year)

  • Recommendations from administrator and teacher colleague

  • Evidence of effective teaching via formal evaluation(s)

  • Portfolio of classroom artifacts, evidence of curriculum development (unit and lesson plans), student work with feedback

  • 15-minute video of instruction with commentary

  • Evidence of professional collaboration

ECO Candidates must successfully complete four quarters of Induction program coursework.

ECO applications for 2017-18 will open next August.

Not Your Grandma's BTSA Program