Life Science

Landstown Middle School

Dear Parents/Guardians

It's so hard to believe that Thursday will mark the halfway point of the school year! Friday is a Virtual Learning Day so there will be no school for students. Check out the newsletter for what's going on in our class!

Virtual Learning Day - Friday 2/1/19

Virtual Learning Day is this Friday! This Virtual Learning Day is a C-Day (neither A nor B). Students may begin working on their Virtual Learning Day assignment on Monday 1/28 and it is due no later Friday 2/8. Late assignments are not accepted.

Life Science Students have been assigned a Scientific Method Review in Schoology. Students will answer 11 questions about the Scientific Method in Schoology. After they submit, they should review missed questions and try again. Students can answer the questions 3 times and I will take the highest score for the gradebook.

Supply Check

Please take a few minutes this week to go over the supply lists for each class. It's mid-year and many students have run out of pencils, paper, and other necessary supplies.

As teachers, we will always do our best to supply students with necessary materials, but we would love any donations to help our cause! Donations of pencils, notebook paper, etc will always be appreciated!

Reminder: Late Work Policy

Classwork is due at the end of the bell each day. If students are focused on their work, they should have more than enough time to get it complete. If an assignment is not turned in, the code MI (missing) will be temporarily recorded in the gradebook averaging a zero.

Students who do not finish the classwork and turn it in will have the opportunity to complete and resubmit the assignment for a better grade.

**All missing or incomplete work must be submitted before the unit test. If a unit extends into a second marking period then work that is graded for that marking period is due by the end of the marking period.

I Can Statements


  • I can define genetic engineering and its applications
  • I can evaluate examples of genetic engineering for possible controversy
  • I can demonstrate my understanding of genetics by passing a test
  • I can explain how fossils are records of organisms and events in Earth's history


  • I can differentiate between genotypes and phenotypes
  • I can distinguish between dominant and recessive traits
  • I can use Punnett Squares to predict the possible combinations of inherited factors
  • I can differentiate between characteristics that can be inherited and those that cannot be inherited
  • I can explain historical contributions of significance of discoveries related to genetics

Upcoming Important Dates

January 30

  • Advisory Day

February 1
  • No school for students
  • Virtual Learning Day
  • Teacher Office Hours 1:30-2:30pm

February 5 & 6

  • CORE Genetics Test

February 11

  • Report Cards Sent Home

February 18

  • Hurricane Makeup - B-Day

Thanks for asking your child what they learned in school each day!

Thank you for asking your child about what they learned in school each day. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions and/or concerns.

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