Roam Free in Wyoming - Wyoming Office of Tourism
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In Wyoming, there is a lot of outdoor opportunities that you can do. One of those things you can does go fishing on the Snake River. You could also go camping, hiking on trails, or you could observe wildlife. Residents also go canoeing during the summer. During the winter, Jackson Hole so a popular skiing destination. Also during the summer, the worlds biggest rodeo is held in Cheyenne. A summer festival has been held since 1897. Other celebrations are the stampede in Cody, Wyoming, the WYO rodeo in Sheridan, Wyoming, and Jublee days in Laramie, Wyoming. Yellowstone, Grand Tenton, And Devils Tower are all national parks you could visit in Wyoming.


The first people to live in Wyoming, was more than 12,000 years ago. The Native American tribes in Wyoming were the Shoshone, the crow, the Sioux, the Cheyenne, and the arapahoe. Native Americans hunted a lot of buffalo. There was a medicine wheel built in the Big Horn mountains. Stone projectile points have been discovered throughout Wyoming. From 1803 to 1848, pioneers came to Wyoming. In the late 1800s Cowboys came to Wyoming. In the 1860s the Union Pacific railroad came to Wyoming. In 1868, Wyoming was founded. In 1969, the US government created a treaty with the Native Americans. Wyoming had bigger counties than it did today.

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Wyoming is a Rocky Mountain state. Wyoming is in a section where the Great Plains and Rocky Mountains meet. Wyoming has a great plateau. The river mountain range is 13,804 feet. All of wyomings borders are straight lines. Wyoming, is located at 41 degrees N latitude to 45 degrees N latitude and 104 degrees W to 111 degrees W. Wyoming is the 10th largest state in the nation. Yellowstone national park is in the northwest corner. Yellowstone has more geysers than anywhere else in the world. The hot spot is responsible for the hot springs, mud pots, steam vents, and colorful mineral pools.
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Fun facts

The Wyoming state animal is the American Bison. The Wyoming state bird is the Meadowlark. The Wyoming state flower is the Indian paintbrush. The Wyoming state tree is the cottonwood. The Wyoming state song is "Wyoming". The Wyoming nicknames are the cowboy state and the equality state. Grizzly bears, bighorn sheep, antelope, and moose all live in Wyoming. Ninety types of fish swim in Wyomings rivers and lakes. Then Wyoming is the tenth largest state, but the least populated. The license plate features a man on a bucking bronco. Wyoming was the first state to give woman the right to vote! Yellowstone was the first official national park. Devils tower was the first national monument.