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End of the Year Reflection ~Dr. Sandra Durr, Fine Arts Speialist

What a great year this has been! We have had successful exhibits, gallery nights, and festivals, and most importantly, our students have explored their creativity in art classes. We have fully adopted the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards, we are teaching new course descriptions, and we have started building the foundation for new assessments in our subject matter. As I visit schools, there are many more teachers who are looking at the standards, preparing for their implementation, and wanting to be sure that their students are learning and understanding what they need to know. I also see evidence where we are “tuned” in to support the Florida Standards for ELA and Mathematics, yet remain true to our discipline. Thank you to all who have worked so hard to support your students and their growth in art education.

As we close out the 13-14 school year, a special thanks goes to Angela Funderburk as editor and to those of you who have contributed to our new district art newsletter. I also want to give my personal THANK YOU, as I end 13 years as the fine arts specialist, for what you have taught me about visual arts. Being a music person, I know you sometimes had to shake your head, step in, and just educate me in what are best practices in the visual arts. Thank you for all of your love and support!!

Helen Caro Students Create Yearbook Covers

Rummage Sale Benefits Escambia Arts Educators Association

Karleen Roll, art educator at Cordova Park, spearheaded an enormous yard sale in March at Cordova Elementary. After reimbursing a few expenses for the sale a little over $1,100 was deposited into the Escambia Art Educators Association account. This money will be used for purchasing refreshments for county-wide art shows and providing professional development to elementary art educators.

Mrs. Roll wishes to thank the many volunteers and people who donated to the rummage sale. Thank you Rebecca Hertzog for working Thursday night pulling items off the stage and onto the display tables and again for showing up early Saturday morning and working ALL day even packing up. Many thanks also to Henrietta Adams, Megan Brees, Terri Noell and Joy Montgomery for helping Saturday morning! A special thank you goes to the Administration at Cordova Park for letting us do this event. Cordova Park's assistant principal even sent her mother and friends to help organize and price all the items Friday during the school day. The amount of donations from Cordova Park parents and community was amazing and a bit overwhelming........great news is they love the arts! Finally, much gratititude is owed to the Cordova Park maintenance department "Mr.Dave" who came opened the school and stayed all day to help.

Lipscomb Studies Faith Ringgold

Our class has been studying the art of Faith Ringgold. She makes quilts and paints on them. One of her quilts is made up of different faces and bodies. We made our own version stressing value, the lightness and darkness of a color, creating unusual portraits by mixing up the faces with the bodies.

Brentwood Students created Animoto videos about Pop Art.

Art Matters is the official ECSD Elementary Visual Arts Newsletter.


Art Matters in the official Visual Arts Newsletter for Escambia County School District. We have many great things happening in our K-12 visual art education programs. If you wish to contribute an article, photo, link or video to ECSD Art Matters newsletter please contact Angela Funderburk at Brentwood Elementary.