RES' 2nd Grade Newsletter

June 5th, 2015 & final newsletter!

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Order your school supplies for your SOON to be 3RD GRADERS!!

Click here to order your school suppplies for next year!

Use Acct# 77034

You will pick them up at Meet the Teacher Night. The cost is $40.81 for the kit. There is even options for ordering a backpack, lunch box, thermos food jars, and Brita water bottles. Orders DUE June 19th,

Lunch Account Balances

Parents, Please be sure to keep your child's lunch balance up to date. The school will no longer allow charging as of May 15th.

Thank you for your cooperation,

NEXT year's Approved School Calender

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KISD Summer Camps

What will you do this summer?

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Upcoming Events in Second Grade:

June 5th:

  • Last Day of school
  • Early release @12
  • Hawaiian Falls - After school

June 19th:

  • Deadline to order school supplies for your 3rd grader :)

August 20th:

  • Meet the Teacher 5:30-7:00 PM

August 24th:

  • First Day of School! @8:00 AM

September 9th:

  • 2nd Grade Orientation @5:30 PM
The Penguin Song Happy Birthday

Birthday Wall of Fame

Mrs. Fite's Class:

Madison 6/25

Aniyah 6/26

Chloe 6/27

Jaida 7/4

Logan 7/16

Brooks 7/21

Mrs. Henderson's Class:

Isaac A. 6/20

Haily V. 7/23

Carly W. 7/10

Mark H.7/11

Emma K.7/1

Jayden T. 8/3

Mrs. Hord's Class:

Carson C. 7/12

Ray C. 6/20

Aubrey L. 6/6

Mrs. Martinez's Class:

Maddie K. 6/28

Caleb D. 7/20

Jorey A. 8/30

Mrs. Miller's Class:

Clare B. 6/3

Talya W. 6/19

Julia H. 6/29

Jamil O. 7/16

Jonathan C. 7/20

Austin G. 7/20

Mckayla J.7/31
Mrs. Ripple's Class:

Lily R. 6/18

Hannay T. 6/19

Kyha L. 7/13

Harshvardhan S. 7/13

Cailie R. 7/19

Gavin B. 7/22

Kate G. 7/24

Christian M. 8/12

Ridgeview Elementary's 2nd Grade Teachers:

Home Access Center (HAC)

Here's a convenient way to stay on top of your student's grades :)