The artwork must go on!

The artwork needs to stay!

The artwork needs to stay!

In the past weeks Detroit has been in a bankruptcy.well we know one thing that will not help it,the artwork! We need the artwork for centuries to look at.why would you sell one of the best things in your hometown if there not even going to make a dint!?!?!?! It is not going to help the cause.the art is one of the BIGGEST things in Detroit.It doesn't make envy sense to sell the best thing in your city.

What are you going to do now Detroit.....?..........

I think they should not sell it because it is the last thing you want to sell. Don't do it!because it is a mistake to Detroit!!!!!!!!!!!

Selling is no good!

If I was Detroit I would stop and think!this art isVALUABLE,and you can't just go running around selling stuff because people are not going to come to Detroit think about not selling it.there might be different things that people don't need and it could help the cause.