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World Read Aloud Day is this Thursday, February 1st! It's the perfect day to share a love of reading with your students. There's still a little time to sign up for a FREE Skype visit with an author! Check out Kate Messner's blog for more information and to find an available author.

Happy Reading!


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I would highly encourage everyone to read these two beautiful articles from the New York Times written by authors Matt DeLaPena and Kate Dicamillo. Many of our students at ATW and WES have experienced dark times or challenges in their young lives. I think we can all relate to and learn from the stories and reflections in these articles.

Why We Shouldn't Shield Children from Darkness

This beautifully written article is centers around Matt DeLaPena's question, "Is the job of the writer for the very young to tell the truth or preserve innocence?"

Why Children's Books Should Be a Little Sad

Kate Dicamillo wrote a response to the New York Times answering Matt DeLaPena's question. Her beautiful response will tug at your heart strings and leave you thinking.

I know I have shared this fantastic picture book with many of you during our instructional team days or at our WES book talk. If you haven't seen the book Love, let me know if you would like to borrow it. It is absolutely beautiful!

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I LOVE this display from first grade teacher (Emily Galle-From) that I found on Twitter! I would love to see what your students would write!

Reading Posts and Ideas

Why Every Class Needs Read Alouds

I know that we all value read aloud, but this post has great support for why we must preserve our daily read aloud time!

The Reading Experience No Student Should Be Denied

Another post reminding us that read aloud deserves a sacred spot in our daily schedules!

Healthy Skeptics

Valerie recently shared this post from Kate Roberts about being a healthy skeptic. Kate explains that when we are healthy skeptics, we:

  1. Push to make the work the best it can be.
  2. Feel a sense of ownership and integrity over our own professional life.
  3. Nurture the best in everyone around us.

In this post, Kate also reflects on the value of the whole class novel, which is the topic of her new book. As I read this post, it reminded me of the value of close reading and using a rigorous short text with all students.

Writing Checklists

Take a minute to read this great blog posts from Melanie Meehan on how to better incorporate writing checklists from the Units of Study program in your writing workshop. She has some great ideas!

Math Word Wall Ideas

One of the math instructional shifts we select from Accessible Mathematics was to:

Create Language-Rich Classroom Routines

Check out this blog post for Ideas for a Successful Math Word Wall. This post includes games and activities you can easily use with the words on your math wall!

Notice and Wonder Routine

Check out this great instructional routine for supporting students in solving math problems!

New Books I Cant' Wait to Read!

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