Hydroelectric energy

By Breanna and Sera

How is this natural resource formed and how is it used?

Energy is harnessed from the movement of water through rivers, lakes, and dams. To create hydroelectric power huge generators are placed inside dams. Water flowing through the dams spin turbine blades connected to generators. Power is produced and is sent to homes and businesses.


It creates water reserves as well as energy supply. The water that it uses during the process is returned back into it's source.


The disadvantages are costly to build and can cause flooding of surrounding communities in landscapes. Dams have major ecological impact on local Hydrology.

Where is this resource found most abundantly?

These are the top five hydroelectic plants are located in the world.




United States


Are there any harmful effects to the earth from creating or using this resource?

Yes there are the dams used in the process that can upset the life cycle of some animals that live in the water.