Crazy Rabies

by: Rebekkah Alvarez and Malcolm Daniels

Basic Virus Information

Viruses are one millionth of a meter, so very tiny compared to an animal cell. Viruses tend to either have DNA or RNA. They contain enzymes and have an outer layer of protein called capsids; only some viruses have a lipid membrane called the membrane. These viruses inject their DNA into cells. By injecting their DNA, the cell creates more copies of the virus; this is their way of reproduction. Viruses are not considered cells due to the many cell functions they lack like respiration and true way of reproduction.


The disease Rabies is caused by the virus called Rabies Virus, weird right? Some symptoms of Rabies are fevers, headaches, vomiting, sore throat, depression, and muscle aches. Rabies is spread when an infected animal's salvias enters an organism's open wound; like when a raccoon with rabies bites your dog. You can get shots to prevent rabies from showing symptoms, but once the Rabies symptoms show it cannot be treated. Rabies cause about 40,000 deaths a year!! To prevent yourself or your pets of contracting diseases, you vaccinate yourself or pets, report stray animals, neuter your pet, and keep yourself and your pet away from wildlife.
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