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Join us in celebrating #LatinosAchieve

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How to Get Involved and Show Support

Saludos Hermanas!

This fall marks the 25th anniversary of the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics. In honor of this historic milestone, we are joining the country on Thursday, October 15, as we celebrate the end of Hispanic Heritage Month. We will join in on a national day of action with the #LatinosAchieve Campaign that will highlight Latino achievement, inspire a positive narrative on Latino contributions, and recognize the urgent need to continue investing in Latino educational achievement as inextricably linked with the nation’s success.

We encourage you to join us through social media platforms, using videos, selfies, photos and tweets/posts, on October 15 to tell us the following:

· What #LatinosAchieve means to you?

· Why #LatinosAchieve is important? or

· What you do to help #LatinosAchieve? and

· Tag your friends and have them tell us how they help #LatinosAchieve.

Our main outlet will be Instagram, here is how you can join!


· [Photo/Video] I’m (insert your name here) and #LatinosAchieve matters because (insert why it matters). This is why I am putting #LADYSFirst @LADYSProgramNYC

· [Photo/Video] I’m (insert your name here) and I help #LatinosAchieve by (insert how do you help and putting #LADYSFirst)! @LADYSProgramNYC

Please see examples below and feel free to share with your family and friends!

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LADYS Program - NYC


The mission of the LADYS Program is to encourage sisterhood and academic excellence amongst young women, to promote service to the community within our participants, and to incite pride within our culture.