Ferdinand Magellen

Sail or be sailed over

Fernidand Magellen

My name is Ferdinand Magellan. I originally came came from Portugal but renounced my nationality because the king refused to fund my trips to what is now called America. So after becoming a citizen in Spain I showed showed King Charles I my plans about reaching India (A.K.A Spice Lands) and he agreed to sponsor me. YYAAYYYYY!!!!!!!! Later it was said that the King of Portugal was trying to send two caravels after my fleet of 5 ships to follow us and either bring me back in chains or dead but he didn't.

Journal Entries

August 10, 1509

I feel terrible leaving my dearest wife and son. Even though I know that I will come back. I must sail for Spain and take revenge on Portugal .

September 4, 1509

I am out in the Ocean Sea I have no idea where I am but someone is calling to me. I must go they just yelled land ho.

September 7,1509 we restocked our ships food supply and found out that the king of Portugal was trying to follow our fleet and assassinate me. I can't believe it i will get my revenge when I make Spain the richest country in the world.

June 3, 1510

WOW!!!!!! The world is so much bigger than I thought when we landed in India we should've gotten home about 3 months ago. Oh well!! I've gotten to map more than I expected. Soon I will be out of paper.

September 12, 1510

We are stopped in a village in some land they said we can have goods in exchange to help the in battle. I will be leading them into battle. goodbye for now!!

Contact Information

This is the ways you can contact me if you need a ship or want to help at me new school that I started.