Be the Light Orphanage

Nicole Jackson and Jessica Jostes

Six Business Activities:

1. Generating Ideas: Our service is an orphanage. We developed this orphanage when it came to our attention that in America alone there are 123,000 people that are orphans. There are no orphanages in the United States at all, most kids are placed in foster homes till they are adopted. The location we picked to place an orphanage was South Carolina near Myrtle beach, there will not be much competition there because there are no orphanages.

2. Raising Capital: As of right now our business is very small so all the money funding it is coming out of our own pockets until we can get a financial investor.

3. Employee and Training: Our procedures for recruiting people to our business is we are accepting applications from people. They must love kids and have kind heart. Dressing appropriate is also another huge rule. They must be patient and hardworking. And most importantly they must have fun with the kids!

4. Buying goods and services: We will be getting most of our cleaning supplies and washers, refrigerators etc. from Sears.

5. Marketing goods and Services: We put an add out on Facebook and Twitter. We also put one in the newspaper, both local and in the state registers. The costs are not too awful to handle and I think the more news about it the better!

6. Maintaining Business Records: We will track all of our orders and payments, information about the kids and their records in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and we also will have everything written down in an organized book, that way if the computer crashes we can go old school.


We are choosing to do a partnership. We are doing a partnership because both people will have equal responsibilities and not all the stress has to be on one person. Some advantages of that would be , Get expertise from more than 1 person and each partner is responsible for the decisions made by all other partners. However, some disadvantages are no protection for personal assets and if a partner leaves or dies the partnership is dissolved. We are excited and feel very confident about this decision!


We have 5 very specific goals that we would like to complete within this coming year.

1. Plan to have one other orphanage by the end of this year

2. Have at least 100 kids get adopted by the end of the year

3. Create a fun and free environment for the kids

4. Have a mentor for most of the kids to help them through tough times and someone they can just talk too

5. make sure all the kids stay fit and healthy to the best of their advantages

Mission Statement (Text and voice recording)

To provide a fun and family orientated atmosphere, with lots of laughter and play, coming to adopt makes the experience that much better.

Voice Recording: