Come out and watch The Mirror Game

a play by Dennis Foon


Mirror Game is a powerful and moving play by Dennis Foon, which speaks honestly and intelligently to teens. This play in which a young boy named Bob who is in high school finds out his crush Sara is being abused by her boyfriend Luke. Bob and his best friend Maggie try to help her and find out why Luke is abusive towards to Sara and try to understand why she wont leave him. The teenagers are forced to examine how learned behavior can be mirrored by victims and home situations reflected in the school. this is by far one of the best young audience play that was published in 1992.

This is based on a true story

This is a play based on real life events this is how the creator denies foon created it while in a high school in Vancouver, when he was in a drama class and a girl walked in late with a black eye he asked her what happened and the girl replied "I was late". in the play Sara is hit and yelled at by Luke because she was late.

Another situation like this was in the united kingdom when a girl's upper lip was bitten by her boyfriend who then smeared the blood all over her face. the girl was taken to the hospital and revived stitches. the couple have been together for 2 years when the girl was 16 and the man 21 years-old. before the bit she was bitten and was thrown into furniture. when the police arrived they noticed blood on the victim and the defendants face and he was arrested.


Bob-A boy that is in love with Sara yet is too shy to tell her.

Maggie-An outgoing girl that is in love with Bob but can not tell him because she doesn't want to sacrifice their friendship

Sara-is Luke's girlfriend that is to scared to leave because he threatens that he will kill himself if she does

Luke- is Saras boyfriend that is abusive towords Sara and threatens his and her safety if she leaves him

Meet the writer

Dennis Foon the 63 year-old Gemini award winning screenplay writer, watch his 1992 production on the stage of the Meadowvale theater.

Mirrior game

Wednesday, Dec. 10th, 7pm

6700 Edenwood Dr

Mississauga, ON