In this chapter you will learn how to shoot. Put your right hand on the back of the basketball and your left hand on the left side of the basketball and push to make a basket. You should do it ten or fifteen times.You should aim for the backboard so it will be easy to

make a basket. A three pointer is the circle with a line in the middle. If you shoot behind this it is a three pointer and if you make it you get three points for your team. A two pointer

is when you shoot in front of the three pointer line and if you make it your team gets two points. A free throw is where you shoot from the three pointer or throw line. The difference is no one is blocking you.


Dribbling is important because if you're running with the ball you are traveling. If you travel, the ball goes to the other team. Practice dribbling ten times with both hands. You dribble by putting your hand on the ball and push down so it can reach your waist. If you're in third grade or higher try not to let the other person steal the ball. If someone is on the right side of you and they're steal the ball bounce it in the middle of you and dribble with your left hand.
4th Grade Basketball Phenom Mike Miles Has GAME! The Point-Guard Prodigy!