The Vision Of Area 7

Linda Sires, AD

Area 7 Campuses

Abbett Elem., Armstrong Elem., Back Elem., Liberty Grove Elem., Luna Elem.,

Sewell Elem., Hudson MS, Sachse HS, Pathfinder Achievement Center,

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Rigor in Area 7

Rigor is a quality of instruction that requires students to construct meaning for themselves, impose structure on information, integrate individual skills into processes, operate within but at the outer edge of their abilities, and apply what they learn in more than one context and to unpredictable situations.

Implementing Rigor into Everyday Learning

The goal of Area 7 is to ensure that rigor is included in every lesson in every classroom for every student. Teachers must have a clear definition of rigor and clear expectations. The lessons must be meaningful and show connections and relevance to students. Teachers must interact and build relationships with ALL students.

Area 7 Data Analysis

Teachers should disaggregate their own data and use the results to develop plans to guide individualized instruction to maximize effectiveness in the classroom. The CST can offer support in identifying and analyzing relevant data and planning appropriate instruction.

Monitoring & Improving Curriculum and Instruction

  • What are we looking for?
  • What are our goals?
  • How can teachers be part of the walkthrough process

Curriculum Calibration in Area 7

Teachers should be taught how to calibrate their curriculum to ensure that the TEKS are being addressed at the depth and rigor set forth by the state. Teachers will examine their lessons objectively and plan cooperatively with teammates in Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) to provide appropriate lessons for diverse learners.

Levels of Questioning

Area 7 strives for the higher levels of Bloom's Taxonomy by developing rigorous lessons and utilizing the pre-planned seed question during instruction. The purpose of this type of questioning is to guide the student conversation toward the desired learning outcome at a more rigorous level. Professional development for quality questioning is available to all our schools by the CST.

Garland ISD Curriculum

Area 7 teachers follow the GISD curriculum and scope and sequence for all subjects. Teachers from many of our campuses are joining forces with district writers to rewrite the curriculum. Many teachers are also participating the AVID and National Math and Science Initiative training this summer to ensure the highest level of instruction.

District Initiatives

Community Relations

Linda Sires, Area Director for Area 7