Blood Bath while doing Blood Money!

Mafia Attacked by Police Pursuers.

Attacked in the streets.

It was a regular day in the industrial district of EvoCity but when police pursuers had finally caught up with the Mafia, a group charged with illegal drug trafficking, things got dirty. As the police caught up with the group shots fired from one end to the other and only ones side was going to be alive the next day. The bad turn of events was that the Mafia had won the battle and escaped with most men alive. The rest of the police pursuers had been injured by gun shot and was too crippled to fight back or dead. The horrifying truth about this event is that most of the deaths were civilian casualties. They will all be placed at a memorial near the site of the event. The mafia was caught walking out of a warehouse though (Right) and were reported to the police. Result is still yet to come.

Location of Crime Scene

Wednesday, Dec. 9th 2015 at 3:45pm

2700 Tunnel Street Rd.

This is the location of the crime scene.

Caught 2 days later.

This man in this photo (left) was the Demagogue of the operation. He was convicted for a lifetime in prison in solitary confinement.

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