Deborah Alessi

Face Forward

Help Face Forward kick violence from our society

A lot of us speak of freedom, we pride ourselves in the fact that we live in a free country. We brag and boast about our democratic rights. Everywhere we go we are happy about our lives, everyone keeps flashing a YOLO (You only live once) sign at the first chance they get. It really is a sweet thing being able to enjoy all the freedoms we can, the ability to make our own choices, the ability to decide on what we want to do and what we do not wish to do, and most importantly, we have our own future in our hands. We shape our destiny.

Stop and think for a moment; what if in an instant all that was wiped away from your grasp, yet you still manage to live through it all with none but your life to spare? Stop thinking, there are women and children who live this reality every day. It is not a scene from a movie, or a best seller novel but it is real. At times when you mention such cases, most people ignorantly cast their eyes to Africa or the Middle East yet we forget the trouble that exists next door. Violence is real; domestic and gang violence has become a scourge eating our society one victim at a time, and before we realize it, we will be left with a generation bereft of mercy and empathy.

Sad as it might sound there are women and children whose only right is to live, and to live through pain and suffering because of the torture inflicted upon them by their husbands, fathers, brothers, uncles, cousins and even the gangs in the neighborhood. They do not get the chance to make their own choices. They do not get to shape their own destiny neither do they get to decide when to die. All the important decisions in their lives have been stolen from them in the most barbaric of ways ever.

Deborah Alessi has through Face Forward been in a good position to provide a chance of survival for the women and children who suffer a lot of pain in the guise of torture at home and in the neighborhood. As a non-profit organization, Face Forward has come out and spoken against violence and also taken a pledge to offer reconstructive assistance to the victims of violence. It is our continued hope that together we will work with the society to keep restoring hope for the victims of violence, and most importantly to kick violence out of the society for good.

Deborah Alessi is Co-Founder of Face Forward and a social activist too who take a deep care of the victims of violent and disfiguring crimes. She runs an organization who is serving those victims. Do keep in touch with her on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.