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Hydroeletric Power

Dear Mr.Mayor,

I think Hydroelectric Power is best fit for Eagles Edge. We have the biggest shipyard in Canada, so lots of water, and waves, great for hydroelectric power.

How Hydroelectric power works its powered by the force of running water. Hydroelectric power is one of the cleanest and least expensive and creates the bit of pollution.

The Picture Below shows how Hydroelectric Power works

Big image

This video shows how Hydroelectric Power works

Hydroelectric Documentary

Advantages of Hydroelectric Power

- Is fueled by water, so its clean

- It relies on the water cycle

- Renewable

- Creates very little waste

- Hydroelectric plants live long

- Can be used throughout the

whole world

- The energy can be stored

- Improves the air we breath

Disadvantages of Hydroelectric Power

- Very expensive to build a hydroelectric plant

- When you create a dam it could flood so it would

effect people, nature and the environment

My company, HD Hydroelectric Power,

would love if you chose hydroelectric power and my company for Eagles Edge

Yours Sincerely,

Manager and founder of HD Hydroelectric Power

Hannah Dempster