Seymour Snapshots

Picture Yourself Growing in First Grade

The ABC Countdown is flying BY!

I cannot believe we are coming to the end of our ABC countdown. What a great few weeks it has been. We have had a lot of fun and made a ton of memories.

Over the next few days, our ABC countdown will be extra special.

On Thursday, June 9th - we will celebrate our summer birthdays (Oscar, Robert, and Jack)! Please send in a birthday treat with your child so we can celebrate!

On Wednesday, June 15th - it is FIELD DAY! First Graders will wear yellow shirts. On Monday, June 13th, we will decorate shirts to show our school spirit! Please send in a yellow shirt to decorate! If you would like to donate some fabric paint, fabric markers, or puffy paint - it would be greatly appreciated!

The students of 1S have made this year a special one. I am lucky to have helped them grow and develop into independent learners. We have learned, loved, and we are ready for second grade!

Super Series Writers!

1S Writers have been hard at work. To finish the school year, we have been writing fiction stories. We have learned all about writing a SERIES! First, we studied mentor authors and learned all about realistic fiction. Next, we learned that STRONG writers introduce their character in Book One of a series. They learned to include everything the reader wants to know about the character, their friends, home, likes and dislikes. We worked on making our writing come to life by using dialogue.

We created a BOX set for our series and decorated the box! We even included an about the author page so our readers can learn about us! We can't wait to share these stories with you!

Solids and Liquids

In Science, we have continued studying... solids and liquids. We explored many properties of solids from shape, size, floating or sinking, attracted to a magnet, and rolling or stacking. Now, we are on to exploring liquids. Our 1S scientists, explored the properties of liquids. We looked at the color, feel, and smell of liquids. We explored how different liquids flow through drop races! We even mixed liquids to explore the differences in liquids. We are going to end the year in Science studying living organisms! Perfect ending to Science as we study the Pond habitat and the living organisms that we found!
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A Glimpse at Our Field Trips!

We had a wonderful time on our Field Trips this year! Thank you to all for volunteering and preparing. We definitely made some wonderful memories! Enjoy our slideshow!


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Reminders and Dates

* Next week is Field Day! Please remember to put sunscreen on your child, send a water bottle, and sneakers! Also, please send in a YELLOW shirt to decorate by Monday (and any fabric markers or paint you may have!) Thank you!

*On Monday, June 13th - your child will visit a second grade classroom and meet the second grade teachers! Ask them about their experience!

* Next Wed, Thurs, and Fri are all 12:30 dismissals!

* Guided Reading - I am continuing to do guided reading in the classroom. However, I will not be sending home any more books. Please send back all guided reading books you have at home! Thank you for your support this year in reading at home.

Specials Schedule

Day 1 - Art

Day 2 - Music

Day 3 - Library & Spanish

Day 4 - Spanish and PE (Please wear sneakers)

Day 5 - PE (Please wear sneakers)

Day 6 - Health

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