Physical Geography of India

By: Ryan and Mark

Population, Cities of India, and Square Mileage.

1,283,192,876 people live in India. Three biggest cities are New Delhi, with 302,363 people, Hyderabad, with 3.637 million people, Kolkata with 4.573 people,and Mumbai with 11.98 people. New Delhi is the capital. The square mileage of India is 1,269,220 sq. miles. 90.08% land and 9.92% water. Also the 7th largest nation in the world.


India is a tropical wet climate, but also has some dry climate and a mixture of alot of climates.
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Mountains, lakes

There are many mountains including the himalayas,there are more then 50 peaks over 23,000 ft. They are, Kangchenjunga at 28,169 ft. , Nanda Devi at 25,643 ft. , and Kamet at 25,446 ft. There are many lakes that include, Wular lake at 9,942 sq. miles, Chilika a water lagoon at 450 sq. miles, and Wagarianasagar which is a lake by the largest man-made dam.

Plateaus and Rivers

There are three major plateaus that are, the Decan at 100 miles above sea level, Malura plateau, and Chota Nagpur plateau. There are three major rivers too, they are, Indus at 3,100 km. , Ganges at 1,569 miles, and Brahmaputra at 1,800 miles long.

Oceans and Deserts

India is the border of the Indian Ocean. There are deserts too that include, The Cold Mountain Desert of the Trans-himalayas. With rough terrain next to the himalayas. The other desert is The White Salt Desert of Kutch, At any winter night desert lights up the reflection of the moon and is nothing but a white vast desert.