5 Chrome Extensions: Tech Tip #1

March 6, 2015 - Region III ESC


An extension in Chrome helps to personalize and ENHANCE your experience with Chrome. With a variety of extensions out there, you are sure to find one that meets your needs.

Extension icons will appear next to your search bar above the Bookmarks bar.

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Below are FIVE of my favorite, must-have extensions!

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goo.gl URL Shortener

Have you ever tried to give out a long, cumbersome URL to students or peers?

After clicking this extension, you can shorten any URL and share it with students easily! You can even get a QR code to give to students.

Just go to the page you want the URL for, click the extension icon and a new URL will appear!

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Clipular is a camera & collection tool for the web. Think SCREEN CAPTURE mixed with BOOKMARKING!

Quickly take a screenshot by double clicking "Alt" and the screenshot is saved in your Clipular folder automatically. Once the screenshot is saved, you can draw on it, download it, or share it through email or social networking sites!

You can also click on these saved images and you will be taken back to the original page it came from!

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1-Click Timer

Install this extension and you can quickly start a timer directly from Chrome - no more wasted time searching for an online timer!

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Save to Google Drive

Use this extension to save any web content that you come across directly to your Google Drive!
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AdRemover for Chrome

Tired of ads that appear on websites that you or your students visit? Install this extension and AdRemover will not only block those pesky ads, but it will also block malware.


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Tab Cloud allows you to save any window session and restores multiple tabs at a later date or on another computer!

To use, you simply click the TabCloud icon. You will see your current open windows and previously saved windows. From here, you can save open windows, restore saved ones, or delete previously saved windows.

Open a saved window session and the tabs will automatically open for you in the order you saved them in! No need to research or retype in the URLs!

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