Alexandra Robbins

Lecture: "The Pressure to Succeed"

Alexandra Robbins will be speaking about her book, The Overacheivers: The Secret Lives of Driven Kids, and how students, parents, and teachers can prevent themselves from becoming overwhelmed by today's increasingly competitive school environment.
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The Pressure to Succeed (Lecture and Q&A)

Monday, April 7th, 2:15-4:15pm

700 Broadway

Nashville, Tennessee


2:15-3:00 Lecture

3:15-4:15 Q&A Session with Alexandra Robbins


There will be limited seating for parents who are interested in attending the lecture. Parents, if you would like to reserve a seat, please call Ms. Barnett of Hume Fogg's Main Office at 615-291-6300, or email her at

Additional Information

A biography of Alexandra Robbins, a summary of The Overacheivers, and a link to purchase your own copy of the book can be found below.