Integumentray system

Lucas period 1 Capdevila

5 functions

Protects tissues

Protects infections

Prevents dehydration

Regulates temperature

Protects from sun burn

Things about skin you did not know

Skin and its layers

The skin protects you from the sun and helps

It regrow if it peals off.most of the time it will

Get your skin in a tan color.

Organs and Tissues




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The skin helps you from the sun

Did you know that if we had know skin we

Would die dew to the Suns harmful rays we would

Not make it.the sun could give you skin

Cancer if you be out in the sun all day.

Skin is like a suit for us.

It's water proof and it is flex able the most good

Thing about skin is that we need skin to

Live or else we would die.