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Ms. Merry Lee Blair Room #11

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Tuesday: Media
Wednesday: Music
Thursday: P.E.
Friday: Art and CHECKOUT!!
Monday: Music
Tuesday: P.E.
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Fall is Arriving

The month of October will be BUSY!

Every Friday is Spirit Day! Please encourage your child to feel PROUD to be a La Vista West WOLF! Speaking of being a Wolf...your child will be participating in our Mascot Wolf Naming Contest. Discuss possible names for our Wolf!


Starting on October 1st PTO will be selling Halloween Smencils for $1 each. We will have them for sale after school on Thursday and before school on Fridays only during the month of October! The five Halloween scents available are Trick or Treat, Pumpkin Panic, Slime Lime, Goblin Grape and Monster Marsh.

This month we start out with Parent-Student-Teacher conference nights on Thursday, October 8th and on Tuesday, October 13th. Please double check to verify your day and time. If you are unsure, please contact your child's teacher or Ms. Foster in the office.

400 Club:

Our first 400 club totals are due Monday, October 1. We will tabulate the number of minutes each child has read and awards will be given out as soon as possible. Students reading this month will earn FREE PIZZA HUT PIZZA and an additional fun prize!

Look ahead and PLAN!
Trunk or Treat
Thursday, October 22: 6:00-7:00 in the LVW Parking Lot! Fun and Safe!!
Bellevue Berry and Pumpkin Ranch
Tuesday, October 27th 5:00-8:30 join LVW friends for a hay rake ride, pumpkin patch walk, access to the fun zone, and later on FREE s'mores by the campfire. Admission is $6.50

Reader's Workshop

When readers interact with text, they are working to make sense or comprehend what they are reading. This week, we will focus on identifying cause and effect. An effect is WHAT HAPPENED, a cause is WHY SOMETHING HAPPENED. We will discuss how the two work together and when readers are able to identify WHAT HAPPENED (the effect), if they question, WHY DID SOMETHING HAPPEN, this is called the cause.

We will also work to identify ways authors use signal words to help readers visualize as they read. Details from the text helps you to see the events

Cause and Effect: Think like angry bird. What causes the bird to fly? What effect does the bird have when he/she flies? Ask your child to read their own independent book aloud and prompt your student to identify the CAUSE and EFFECT of events in their text.

Visualize: Play a version of the game I Spy. Have your child DESCRIBE an object using good detail words. When you identify the object they are describing, work to add a few more details to make the description more accurate.
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Book Fair: Coin Challenge

A container will be placed in our classroom and we are working to fill it with coins all week starting Tuesday, September 29. The challenge will end on Monday, October 5 so that the monsters can prepare for the Fair! The reward, you ask?? If our classroom container is filled with the most donations, our classroom will receive a MONSTER-SIZED treat and origami party!

And what becomes of the money collected? FREE BOOKS from the Book Fair for students from each classroom!! Scholastic will also match what we collect so as to also give away free books to children around the world!

Participate on Tuesday.... WEAR A HAT!!!
Check for more announcements for PARTICIPATION in our event!
You can shop the Book Fair ONLINE! From October 5 through October 21, you can shop at the following website:


The students will work on finding long -i vowel sounding words this week. We will work on the vowel patterns using "igh" "i" and "ie".
Please review the following words with your child throughout the week. We practiced identifying the vowels in each word. You can also include movement with studying your words. Ex: s-l-i-g-h-t (s=short letter so squat, l=tall letter jump up, i short letter so squat, g=descender so touch the ground, h=tall letter jump up, and t= tall letter jump up)
Words for the week: slight, mild, sight, pie, mind, tie, pilot, might, lie, tight, blind, fight, die, midnight, find, night, silent, frightening

Writer's Workshop

The students will be going through the complete writing process over the next few weeks with one personal narrative. We are diligently working on one piece of writing. We have organized our thoughts, worked through the pre-write stage, discuss the importance of a good hook, and are adding details. Telling the story in order, including sensory details, sequence words, dialogue, and emotions makes a piece of writing better!
Ask your child what they are going to write about over the next 2 weeks. What specific details will they add? What dialogue will they include? What emotions and feelings will they include? Have your child share their story idea with you. Do you recall any details they could add to their story?

Math Workshop

Graphs are used to compare data. We have learned that data is information that has been gathered, counted, categorized, and represented for comparison. This week, students will work to interview their classmates by doing a survey. Next, they will organize the data and create a bar graph. Then they will then survey another classroom in our building, and with a partner, make a comparative bar graph. Having students take responsibility for their own learning will be an exciting adventure!

This week, have your child explain to you what data they have collected at school. What all have they noticed? Were they able to organize information into different ways? Useful phrases for comparison include: more than half, less than half, about half, almost all, and very few.

Unit Studies

Social Studies:
Whew... we did not do so well with our Social Studies review and test. We discussed the importance of listen attentively and completing tasks. Friday we were no successful with completing our tests. Monday we reviewed and took part of our test. We will work on Tuesday to finalize our Social Studies test and lessons over the Early Explorers, the American Revolution, our National Government, and our leaders. We have studied how the past has affected our present.

Ask your child to explain how the PAST affects the PRESENT!
Who was George Washington, and why was he important?
What was the CAUSE of the American Revolution? What effect did the American Revolution have upon America?
Why did explorers come to America?

We are just about ready to receive a few more LIVE critters. We will receive a few more crayfish and Bess Beatles. We will use these critters to learn about animal behaviors. Our studies will also focus on life structures and we will learn about how plants grow from seeds into adult plants, the needs of plants, the functions of plant parts, and why plants are so important.


Please consider watching: for awesome Science Plant videos!
Ask your child: How does a see change?