Daniel Lively's great Bucket List

April 2014

Bungee jumping in the Grand Canyon

I want to go bungee jumping in the grand canyon. The grand canyon is caused by mechanical weathering. it is caused by wind erosion. i want to go there with one friend of mine.
Bungee Jump Into The Grand Canyon

white water rafting race

I would like to go in a white water rafting race. the rocks all around the river were formed from physical weathering. this force is caused by running water.
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I would love to go skydiving in Dubai. the land forms, as you will see, is caused by physical weathering. also caused by water moving sand together, which makes land, and it makes this amazing view

start video at 2 minutes and 30 seconds

Skydive Dubai - May 2011

plane racing

I would like to go plane racing in a canyon.this canyon is caused by mechanical weathering, which is caused by wind erosion
Red Bull Air Race Monument Valley - 1st place run

Racing over mountains

I would like to go racing with bikes on a mountain. the mountains ar caused by wind erosion. and is mechanical weathering. which would be fun, really fun to do.
Martyn Ashton - Amazing Road Bike Stunt Riding