ICT Lesson

What is USB ?

USB is a short form of Universal Serial Bus. It's a 4 pin interface capable of connecting up to 127 devices that operate at transfer speeds up to 12Mbits per second. USB technology is more faster than a regular port. Devices can be plugged in and installed without shutting the computer down. It is also one of the easiest ports for adding devices.

What is Floppy?

One of the storage medium. A jacket to protect it with a single disk coated with a magnetic material. Capacity is small, the speed of the reading and writing of data is also not fast, but it has been widely used for inexpensive. There are three types of 3.5 inches, 5 inches, 8 inches of the size of the disk, the new smaller. 5 inches and 8 inches are no longer used in the current. There are different types 2DD, 2HD, such as by capacity, those type of 1.44MB 2HD is typically used today. There is also a large capacity disk such as SuperDisk HiFD and that are compatible with the floppy disk in recent years.

What is SD card?

SD Memory Card is a memory card belonging to the flash memory SD memory card. It is also referred to as SD card. SD cards are widely used like in digital camera, mobile phone, TV, etc.

To be more specific, it is used in the storage and management multimedia content such as photos, music, and videos contents of the phone book, and game data.

What is Hard drive?

Hard disk has a structure in which several pieces superimposed at regular intervals disk of metal deposited or applied a magnetic material, and reading and writing data as close to the magnetic head is rotated at high speed by the motor it. In order to very close to 10nm and about, and disk magnetic head is susceptible to vibration. That the computer has the most operations, including computer, external storage device representative.