G. W. C. Academy: Middle & High School Students

The role of the brain in learning & how you learn

  • The brain undergoes massive changes in teenage years
  • Girls' brains develop faster than boys'
  • All humans have the possibility to change their brains
  • Your actions & experiences can lead to changes in the brain
  • Temporal lobe - above & around ears - hearing, memory, language
  • Frontal lobe - around your forehead - judgment, creativity, problem-solving, planning
  • Portions of brain work separately and together

Positive things to do to help the brain

  • Nutritious snacks - popcorn, energy bars, yogurt, fruit, veggies - MAY INCREASE TEST SCORES!!!
  • SLEEP IS KEY!!! - brain organizes & stores new learning while you are sleep - 7 to 9 hours a night
  • Exercise - stimulates brain functioning

Things that have a negative effect on the brain

  • Non-nutritious and fatty foods - MAY DECREASE TEST SCORES
  • Small amount of sleep time - students may not be attentive during school hours
  • Nicotine & alcohol - teen brain more sensitive and easier to gain and addiction
  • Drugs - may effect short and long term memory functioning in the brain

People in school that you can talk to about the brain

  • Nurse
  • Guidance counselors
  • Psychologist
  • Administrators
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