March 21-Mariner Matters

"Strong minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, weak minds discuss people.”

Shout Outs!

Shout outs to Ms. Poitras, Ms. Riggsbee, Ms. Boecke and Ms. Tompkins for taking on 85 students in Running Club after school. Shout outs to Ms. Poindexter, Ms. Bowling, Ms. Bresky, Ms. Glosson, Mr. Smith, Mr. Wilkins, Ms. Ayala, and Ms. Stevenson for helping supervise the students from the second run of Bus 172 until the current plan was implemented. Shout outs to all of our instructional assistants for subbing at the last minute this past week. Thanks also to those on the morning supervision schedule that filled in as needed this past week.


There will be a school improvement/leadership team meeting on Monday at 3:30pm in the Media Center.

Creativity Week

Please take an hour this week and have creativity week with your students. We do have the creative items in the lab but we are starting to lose some of them because of traveling all over the building. I would also encourage the ipad cart.

ipad cart

Please let me know if you would like to use the ipad cart. I have used the technology grant received to ipads. By the beginning of next the cart should have 30 ipads.

Read to Achieve Night-Wednesday

Third Grade will host a Read to Achieve night on Wednesday beginning at 6pm in the Media Center.

Jump Rope for Heart-Thursday

Ms. Bowling will be hosting the Jump Rope for Heart assembly on Thursday beginning as soon as school starts.

Early Release-Thursday

Thursday is an early release day. We will be adjusting the lunch time some and it will be vetted by the leadership team before we release the new times.

Spring Break Week

The building will be closed for the duration of Spring Break. Please make sure that you have secured your room by locking both interior and exterior classroom doors, locking windows, taking home and/or hiding any valuables. Please take home and/or throw out any items left in the refrigerators that may go bad over the break. I will be out of town for the majority of the week but may work next Wednesday. If I decide to do so I will email the entire staff.

Kindergarten registration

Perry Harrison will hold a special kindergarten night on April 5th beginning at 6:30pm.

April Staff Meeting

Cheryl Fuller will return for our April staff meeting. This will be a longer staff meeting and will end at 5:30pm.

Code of Ethics

1. Signs a contract in good faith and does not abandon contracted professional duties without a substantive reason.

2. Acknowledges the diverse views of students, parents and legal guardians, and colleagues as they work collaboratively to shape educational goals, policies, and decisions; does not proselytize for personal viewpoints that are outside the scope of professional practice.

Bus 172 Second Run Supervision

Thank you to everyone who helped with the supervision of the second run for Bus 172 this past week. The process went much smoother than it has in the past thanks to your help. John will continue to be around to assist with supervision once all other bus riders, first grade car riders, and students that ride after-care vans have been picked up. If you have a conflict on a date you are scheduled to supervise, please make arrangements with a colleague for coverage. Thanks again for your assistance.