The Way A Corporation is Formed

They way a corporation is formed is the company must have a name and a list of rules representing the corporation.

And also must have incorporation rules and have a board of directors meeting.

Also in the forming of a corporation the corporation must be registered with the laws from the state that their in and their name of the corporation should end with incorporated or corporation.

Advantages and Disadvantages Of A Corporation

The different advantages and disadvantages of a corporation the advantages of a corporation is that shareholders are not in risk of any debts meaning that they only risk equity in the corporation, and also in the corporation they can rise additional funds by selling a share of the corporations meaning the more people they have the more money that they can win.

The disadvantages of a corporation is that a corporation requires more money and time to perform smaller business structures.

Also a corporation requires more paperwork for the governmental agencies.

Corporations can be double taxed meaning they can be taxed when they receive income and taxed again when profits are distributed.

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