Tech Tip Tuesday

March 11, 2014

Tech Tip Tuesday


Today's Tip, since there are limited iPads in the building for students use, is more for teachers to try out on their own devices... But, that doesn't mean students couldn't download this free app and try it out, too! (iOS and Android) Students could import their finished videos into some other presentation tool, like Animoto, Prezi, WeVideo, or any other program that accepts video files.

Tellagami is a mobile app that lets you create and share a quick animated video called a Gami. You create an avatar for yourself, add a background, and record your message. This would be a fun way to introduce yourself on your website! Use it for quick announcements for the class. See below for one I created on eBooks. (The options are limited with the avatar you create, so just pretend she looks like me...she has brown hair, right?) You can just share the link from Tellagami with students (like this), upload the video to your Google Drive, or you can upload to You Tube like I did below.

You can record your voice, like I did, or you can type into the text to speech function. You can use a stock photo in the app or take your own photo. Once you create the Gami, it saves to the video file on your device. Then, you can share it however you'd like. You can share it through Twitter, Facebook, text, e-mail, or on your websites. It is a free download for a limited time, so if you are interested, get it now.

Want more tips on how you could use Tellagami? Check out this post on Free Technology for Teachers. I love the idea of having student avatars read poems they wrote (or recite famous speeches or poems)!