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About Me

I am a nerdy boy who likes a good crisis in a book or show. The types of books I read are like I said a crisis, that also has teens, fiction. My favorite series is Percy Jackson, right now I am reading is Gone. One of my favorite lines in a book is "if we keep killing time time will end up killing us,". The coolest tool in a book to me is Percy's sword. And lastly my favorite character is Leo in Percy Jackson.
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Why This Song?

As I said I like Crisis in a boo this is about being under pressure.

My latest blog entry

The latest book I read was the first book in Gone, and now I'm reading the second. I read it because my sister spoke highly of it. I have to agree with her on this because it is amazing. Now I liked it all but the frustrating parts. I recommend it to about all people.

My Interest and favorites

Some books I like are Percy Jackson, for the action, Wonder and Out of My Mind for the message, and lastly Gone for the best plot. now for humor I recommend Dad Is Fat. For action I recommend Percy Jackson, Gone, and Harry Potter, I recommend all the authors o f these books. anyway it's your choice but things listed are my favorites.
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Reccomended Book Sites

One site I recommend is Barnes and Noble for being local and having most books. Next is Teen Reads for having blog reviews and most books. Last is No Flying No Tights because I recently read Manga and comics and loved it.


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