Leonardo Da Vinci

"One can have no greater and no lesser mastery than oneself"


Leonardo Da Vinci wasn't just an intelligent artist, he was also a scientist and mathematician. He was born in 1452 at his father's family estate in Vinci near Florence. When he was 15 his father had him work for the artist Andrea del Verrochio in Florence. In his life work Leonardo's art were sculptures, paintings and drawings of military objects,women, horses, and architecture.


When he was working for Andrea del Verrochio nearby the workshop of another artist Antonio Pollaiuolo began to have interest in Leonardo's work. Leonardo got accepted into the painters' guild in 1472 and he remained in Florence for the next ten years. Later on when some of his paintings were done Michelangelo and Raphael used some of his principles in their own works and also in 1506 his best known painting the "Mona Lisa" got finished.


Leonardo's name actually means Leonardo of Vinci to show he was born in Vinci because "Da" means of and so Leonardo Da Vinci means Leonardo of Vinci. Leonardo had favorite things to draw, and one of them was horses and Leonardo drew differently than other artists. His paintings of people had no outlining like the other artists and his shadows in his paintings make the painting look 3-D.


I think Leonardo Da Vinci is creative because he came up with new ways to do his art. He also made his work great enough for other artists to copy. I think Leonardo is different too. In many ways he makes all his work more unique than other artists.