Ceremonial Deism on Atheists

Kennedy Gross

In the United States, how are Atheists affected by Ceremonial deism?

Ceremonial deism takes the ability to fight against something religious in government away from Atheists.

Ceremonial Deism

A term generally interpreted to mean government endorsement of generic forms of religion for mostly ceremonial purposes.

Effects of ceremonial deism

  • Discrimination against non-religious people,
  • Separation of church and state,
  • Expecting everyone to believe in God,
  • Praying as a country as a moment of peace,
  • People thinking there is a greater being beyond an atheist,
  • Atheists having wrong morals since they don’t believe in God.

Why I wanted to persuade my peers...

I wanted to persuade my peers that Ceremonial Deism does affect Atheists because more and more issues are starting to come up involving the government and religion.

Simon Brown: "Symbols And Civil Religion: Courts Have Tended To Uphold 'Ceremonial' Uses Of Religion By The Government But Critics Say It's Time To Reassess."

  • Separation of church and state
  • "In God We Trust" as the national motto

Karla K. Morton: "Atheists"

  • A greater being beyond an Atheist
  • Things in the government that were created specifically for people who belong to a religion


So imagine yourself being left out of your friend group because you belong to a certain religious group. Or also being left out of a big decision that might affect your life down the road and you can't give your input because you belong to the religion you belong to. Imagine yourself being forced into swearing on the bible when in court for various reasons.