How to Multiply and Divide Decimals

Learn In a s'more kind of way today!

Multiply and Divide Decimals!

The first thing your gone want to do when you multiply decimals is set your problem up!

23.10 Now you just need to multiply 6x0, 6x1, 6x3, 6x2. The just do the same thing

X 2.16 With the 1! Now here are some examples of multiplying fractions in the real world!

Let's say you were at a store and you needed to buy carrots and you wanted 2x of carrots more. So you wanted to know how much it costed. Well all you would have to do is multiply like i showed you and you will get the answer you multiplied!

Also another excample is if you needed to multiply the weight of some apples at the store, also. You would just multiply the money with the pounds and you would get the cost of your apples at the store! Is really that easy to use these strategies in life!

Now the last excample that you would need this operation in life is when your in your yard and you need to multiply the sides of your yard so you can get a new fence. Just multiply, let's say 23.00 X 20.00 and just multiply it and get your answer, now I will show you one more time how to multiply your decimals together! 23.00

X 20.00 Just multiply the zeros and then multiply the 2 and 3 and get your answer! Now it's time to learn how to do division multiplying!

The first thing you need to do is set up your problem like In the multiplying decimals.

20000.00 ➗ 200 Now just thing how many times does 200 go into 20000 then just multiply and bring your decimal down. It's really that easy! Now let me show you some excample so of how you would need to divide in life!

So let's say that you needed to divide your cookies for your friends before they came over and you had 25 cookies over 5 friends. So you just divided 25.00 ➗ 5.00 and it's really the same when you divide reguraly but just bring the decimal down!

Another example would be if you were dividing your papers in half so everyone in your class could have 2 papers. So let's say you had 22 kids and 44 papers cut in half. So you divided 22.00➗ 44. 00

One last excample would be when your playing cards and you needed to divide 55 with 10 friends. So you just would divide 55.00 ➗ 10. So then you could play your game!

You'll love dividing and multiplying decimals when you have to do that in the real world! So much easier!