Hello amazing Astro families! We are looking forward to a great start to the school year where students are energized, excited, happy, and ready to get started. I can always tell when students had some fun and adventure with their families over the summer because I hear them telling stories and see them writing about it in class. If you did not travel, we hope you were able to stay cool and relax a bit during our extremely hot summer! Welcome back.

The custodial staff has been hard at work deep cleaning rooms and furniture, stripping and sealing floors, and maintaining our beautiful atriums. We owe them a big thanks and shout-out for always keeping our aging school looking as best as it can.

We are proud to announce that our Middle School will be a full honors and accelerated middle school with a GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) focused Science classroom. We hope students are ready for this challenging curriculum and ready to work hard. We want them ready for any high school they may want to attend.

If you’re new to Borman K-8 and Tucson, welcome! Tucson is a beautiful city

with a lot of fun and interesting places to explore. It’s the only place in the world

where you can go from the desert to mountain pines in only 45 minutes! We also

have some of the best restaurants in the country. We have a lot of great

things planned for the year for school events. Our Borman K-8 School Facebook page

has the most up to date information. I also use the ParentLink app to send mass emails and text message reminders, so please make sure you have selected to receive communication from the school and district.


7/28 - Pizza with the Principal and AP Fundraiser at Peter Piper 4:00-7:00 PM

8/02 - Meet the Teacher Event 1:00-3:00

8/07 - Fall sports begin (boys' basketball and girls' volleyball)

8/11 - Fire Drill

8/14 - GATE pull-out classes begin

8/18 - Lock Down Drill (students will be prepped)

8/23 - No School – teacher professional learning day

8/30 - Open House 4:00-5:30


  • Assistant Principal – Michelle Weisbrod
  • Kinder – Sue Ellison & Ania Zamora
  • First – Erin Campbell & Giselle De Villa
  • Fourth – Lisa Stachowiak
  • Fifth – Tracee Anderson
  • 6-8 Science - Jenny Ryan
  • 6-8 Math - Michael Doyle(returning)
  • Exed Resource Teacher K-3 – Robin Plouffe
  • Primary TA – Jessica Birkholz
  • Intermediate and MS TA – Jessica Doherty
  • Part-time campus monitor (K-5) – Alicia Shipp
  • MS Campus Monitor - Lacey Brooks
  • Psychologist – Jacklyn LoRusso

School Start and End Times/Traffic

Please remember, school starts at 8:20. Please do not drop your students off before 7:45 as we have no campus monitors on site until that time. Students that are dropped off before this are unsupervised and we cannot be responsible for something that might happen.

On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, school ends at 2:30 for K-5 and 3:15 for 6-8. On Wednesday, school ends one hour earlier for teacher PD and planning. Please pick your students up promptly as our monitors leave soon after school ends each day.

You will see a new look this year with the front pick-up and drop off area. The cones are now blocking off the inside of the arch so we can fit more cars in the outside of the arch. Please remind your child to not cross the yellow line until cars have stopped. Please be patient when dropping off or picking up your student/s in the round-about. Pull forward as far as you can and have your child exit or enter the vehicle as quickly as possible. If you are stuck in traffic along Lightning Drive, please do not drive down the opposite lane to go around. The jam usually moves along in a few minutes. Also, please do not park in the staff parking lot unless you have business in the front office. There is plenty of parking in the dirt outside of the staff lot and across the street.


Families, please remember that Borman is a secure campus with a single point of entry - the front office. If you want to walk your child to their classroom or visit for any reason, you need to sign in at the office. The first SEVEN days of school will be the only exception to this rule. We will allow parents of students in the primary grades to stand with their child in line and help them to class. We understand some K-2 students will have separation anxiety and will need this parent support, yet we also want them to become confident and independent with coming on campus and getting to their line and class. After the first seven days, students will need to be released to their line at the gate that closes off the primary playground. We will have many adults outside supervising and making sure all students are safe. We appreciate your understanding and support with this security measure.

School-wide PBIS

Borman is excited to announce that we will be going schoolwide with PBIS. We had already implemented some aspects of PBIS, but this year we will be utilizing a new digital point system in which students can trade for items in a PBIS store or other non-tangible rewards. We will be training the staff on proper usage over the first quarter, so please be patient with us as we work out the kinks and make adjustments. The kids will love it.

From the Health Office

We always see an increase of students coming to the health office in the afternoon complaining of headaches and stomach aches. We then find out that the student has not drank any water that day or eaten anything for lunch. The first signs of dehydration are a headache and sometimes hunger. Please make sure your student comes to school with a water bottle and emphasize the importance of eating lunch. Thank you for your help.


The DLR group is in the final stages of planning and preparation for the new school addition and remodel. We don't have a date for the start of construction, but it is getting closer and will hopefully start this year. It will be several years before the full project is complete, but we are looking forward to the incredible transition to bring the school up to date.

Parent Volunteers

Would you like to volunteer on campus or help a teacher? You can help with student supervision, work in classrooms, and help with events. Please let us know if you're interested then click on the link and fill out the volunteer form and we will let you know how you can help!

Contact Borman K8