Home of the "Great Blue Hole"

Background Info

Belize's capital is known as: Belmopan and its two major cities are: Belize City and Orangewalk. It was controlled by another country ( The United Kingdom). Belize gained independence in 1981 ( from the UK). But a neat thing is it's official language is English!

Geographical Info

Where exactly is Belize?

Belize is located in Central America bordering the Caribbean Sea between Guatemala and Mexico. As explained above Belize also contains the Maya Mountains and unique plateaus.

Along with basins that help divide the country.

Political and Diplomacy Info

Belize has a government that is called: Parliamentary Democracy and Commonwealth Realm. The leader is known as Dean Oliver Barrow. Next Belize isn't really on good "terms" with other countries, Guatemala still persists in its territorial claim to half of Belize.

Economic and Trade Info

The currency that Belize uses is called: the "Belize Dollar" And the current economic system that Belize has is: capitalism. Of course Belize imports items and they are: machinery and transport equipment, manufactured goods, fuel, and chemicals. They import these items from: The US, Germany, Mexico, Cuba, Guatemala, China, Singapore. Next they obviously export items and they are: sugar, bananas, citrus, clothing, fish products, molasses, wood, crude oil. They export these items to: The US, The UK, Nigeria, Japan, and The Netherlands.
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Looks fun for diving right?

What exactly is a Parliamentary democracy?

  1. parliamentary democracy, democratic form of government in which the party (or a coalition of parties) with the greatest representation in the parliament (legislature) forms the government, its leader becoming prime minister or chancellor.


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Belize's Flag