All Time All Stars Weekly Update

April 27-May 1, 2015

Our weekly calssroom flow...

With Achievement Testing behind us, we turn our focus toward our final six weeks of school.
...Some Important Dates:
Sunday, May 3rd - Concert for Financial Aid
Monday, May 4th - Late Start (9:45AM)
Thursday, May 7th - Peter Pan Special Afternoon Performance at Dell Performing Arts (US)
Wednesday, May 13th - Field Trip to Blanton Museum of Art (sack lunch)
Saturday, May 16th - Diversity Dash 5K and Fun Run
Tuesday, May 26th - End of Year Grade Pool Party
Thursday, May 28th - Field Day

All Time All Stars have officially moved to " all cursive, all the time". They knew this time was coming, and they are prepared for the commitment of cursive and the possible side-effects of slower writing and hand cramping as they strengthen their practice. :)

Word Study: Vocabulary, Unit 9 is our area of study this cycle. We began the unit today, and our assessment will be next Tuesday, May 5th.

Math: Geometry is the name of the game! Beginning with geometric vocabulary such as lines, points, line segments, rays, angles, and polygons, we will then move to exploration, practice, and measurement.
Homework for Tonight: Dreambox - 3 lessons due tomorrow ( Tuesday)

Homework for Wednesday: Students will be "mapping" a room of the house - including furniture - on graph paper. Measurement and exploration based on their homework will be completed in school on Thursday.

Non- Fiction Book Study - Researchers are becoming more familiar with non-fiction texts through examination and discussion.
Social scientists will practice non-fiction research, note-taking, and summarizing while we study Congress in SS.
Homework for Tuesday: Scholastic News - read and take notes based on note-taking models offered in class. Work to be complete in read spiral (and in cursive).

- Readers continue to practice their reading lives by reading and jotting nightly. Readers should joy once per chapter OR two jots per night. Jots are to be "second-thought" jots. This means jots should show deeper thinking, include reasons and/or examples, and should not simply repeat what the author has stated in the text. Joys should reflect the growth and progress that comes with practice.

Writer's Workshop - Writers will begin the art of information writing this week. Combining our NF book study with our writing, researchers will work toward a learning demonstration which combines their research, writing, and a "show" (game/game-show, Prezi or Power Point, play, etc..). Work will be completed in class, but some extra or special materials may need to be brought in from home. More information to come, and due date TBD.

Have a wonderful week, and thank you for the bounty of healthy and delicious snacks donated last week!