October 29

The Day we Celebrate the Interent

Why is the Day so Special?

On October 29, 1969, the first message was sent over the internet. A computer-science professor by the name of Leonard Kleinrock has sent two letter, “L” and “O” hoping to pass over some login information to a fellow colleague, but what he did was more than that, he started a revelation that would change the way we communicate forever.

Does the Internet Seriously Deserve it's Own Day?

As a part of this generation, I believe the day the internet transformed people’s lives is something very worthy of being celebrated. Not only do people use internet constantly at this time, but some rely on it. Without the internet, we might wouldn’t be able to see approaching storms, or world news that changes lives. In some ways, you could say that the internet has saved many people from tragedies that threatened their own lives. Just think about it, the people around you that you love may have been saved by the internet and they don’t even realize it.

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Do you Believe it Deserves it's own Holiday? I do.

One reason I think that this day has been categorized as a day to remember is because it has certainly changed people’s lives and the way we communicate. This is an event very well deserved and worthy of it’s own holiday.