Fashion Rulz!

A look at fashion!


I love love love fashion, and sewing. I am in 7th grade, and am currently in the fashion 101 class.
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Interior Design!

My friend and I started our own little interior design company (We don't really do interior decorating for realz, so please don't ask!) its called DH Designs. We absolutely loved the interior design unit.

Stylin, Wylin, Living it up in the city!

The styling unit was totes amaze. We got to create our own outfits, and my personal favorite was the blue plaid suit that i made. But in this unit, we had to design a certain amount of outfits for either boy or girl.
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Advertising! BA-BA-BAAAAA!

When we advertised, I created some stupid Ptera-Shirt. I was in to Jurassic World at the time, so you can't blame me. It was a shirt mixed with fake Pteranadon wings so you could 'Fly.' With the ad, you had to include an endorsement, and ratings, etc.
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Fashion design!

In the fashion design unit, we did a trash to treasure project where we brought something in from home, and gave it a new look/life.
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History Influence

The fashion history unit came first in the class. My partners, Donna, and Savy, and I got the 1930's, the era of elegance. In this unit, you had to do research on a certain decade from the 1900's. This power point had to include the influence that music had on fashion, the fashion fads, and more!
Frank Sinatra Harry James Orchestra "All or Nothing at All"