Disasters of technology

Christa Galli

The Titanic things you had to know

Below there are pictures of the Titanic before it sunk and pictures of it in the water and what it looked like then and now and while it was sinking as a picture drawn out.

The Titanic

Long ago when the Titanic came away from the dock it almost took our another ship by the Titanic propellers.

The Titanic pictures in order of what happened

This is a true story of a great ship

Rumors about the Titanic

One of the rumors on the Titanic was that the Titanic sunk up and strait or it sunk in.

This was a great ship but a terrible disaster

When the Titanic sunk many people lived but tons had died. The year the Titanic sunk was 1912, the day it sunk was April 15 and the time it sunk was 2:20 AM.