Social Media

How Does it Effect Friendships?

Some people may think that social media causes bad friendships. Most people disagree because social media is something that helps make friendships stronger. Social media is known to help friendships because people can talk with each other around the clock. Not only can people talk all day and night long, it helps shy individuals interact with others (McKissick).

A survey was taken in the UK, that was asking if individuals have ever met up with someone they met on a type of social media. 1 in 3 people said that they have, and are now friends (Holden). This doesn't only show that friendships can become stronger, but people can meet new friends.

Should Social Media be Involved with Parents and Teachers?

Social Media in the Classroom?

Social Media in the classroom can be very beneficial to students, and help them interact with the teacher, and other students. Students can use all of the different types of social media, and be benefited. Teachers can use Twitter to tweet to their students about the homework assignment that due the next day. Teachers can also use YouTube to show their pupils how to do a specific problem. There are many more types that would be benefitial for the students, and teachers (Heidi).

Should Parents be Monitoring Their Child's Social Media?

Most kids don't want their parents to follow them on any of their social media accounts. It is a good thing for this to happen. Many things can happen on social media, that children don't even know about. If parents tell their kids to do the right things, there won't be as many problems on their accounts (" Families: Talk About Online Saftey at Home").