all about droughts


A drought is an extended period of time. It can have a subricuiture impact on the ecossy stem and ariculture of the affecte region. This global of the phenomeon has a wind spread impact on agliculture. .Then when its hot outside and when water dry and it dose not rian for days. The water dry and then that how the drought begens.


In the U.S. most of the nearest droughts happened in Texas because they had a drought in 2012.

the droughts can kill many animals but the animal most affected it the cow.

the wildlife is affected because they needed water and when a drought come most of them die because lack of water.

people are affect by the droughts in africa because every little thing has a minummun amount of water. so people die because the animals dont have water and people dont have water.

when their is no rain for a few week then that how drought begans and you need it to rain ever couple of weeks so the drought wont start.