The Uglies

By: Scott Westerfeld


This story starts off by Tally Youngblood sneaking into New Pretty Town to see her friend Peris who just got turned pretty. When you turn 16 you have an operation that turns you from ugly to pretty. On her way out of town, Tally ran into this girl named Shay. They happened to have the same birthday, which means they get turned pretty on the same day. They become friends and they go hover boarding together. On day Shay tells Tally that she is leaving to go to the Smoke. Tally stays behind and on the day she gets to turn pretty, Special Circumstances picks her up. She talks to Dr. Cable and she tells her that she must help them find Shay or she can't turn pretty. Can she do it or will she fail?


This story takes place in mainly in Uglyville, the Smoke, and the woods in between the two. It takes place partly in New Pretty Town.


  • In this story Tally is the protagonist. Tally is the main character in this story and who the story is mainly about. She really wants to be pretty.
  • The antagonist is Shay. Shay try to get Tally not to turn pretty. It doesn't work exactly the way I thought it would.
  • Other characters are David. David is The son of the people that founded the Smoke. Dr. Cable is the person that stops Tally from turning pretty.

About Scott Westerfeld

Scott was born in Texas and split his time between Sydney, Australia and New York City. The Uglies Series is Westerfeld's best sellers. He wrote many other books that are mainly in in series. He has four series of books.

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Personal Recommendation

I personally love this book. The Uglies is an amazing book the shows true heroism. Tally is a character of true bravery. This book is one that I would definitely recommend to a friend. If I were you I would read this book immediately. READ THIS BOOK!