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Holy Redeemer Catholic School, April 22

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Mark Your Calendars:

Today is EARTH DAY!!

Monday: (April 25)

  • Mental Health Capacity Builder at the School - all day
  • Grade 3 - Linking Generations visit
  • Fine Arts - Afterschool rehearsal - 3:00-5:00


  • Family Wellness Worker - at Central Office
  • Grade 1 - Chick Hatching Program - in class
  • Rec and Leadership - Swimming at Millennium Place
  • Fine Arts - Choreographer coming in


  • Hot Lunch - (Order Instructions below)
  • Family Wellness Worker - In school for the Morning


  • Mental Heath Capacity Builder - Laura Cormier - In the school


  • Family Wellness Worker - In school all day
  • Kindergarten Virtual fieldtrip - Save-on-foods
  • Have a great weekend!


  • EICS Badminton Finals

School Sports and Events Calendar: Click Here

Chaplain's Message

Alleluia, Christ is Risen!

Easter commemorates the central event in the Catholic church: the resurrection of Jesus Christ, which Catholics see as fulfilling the biblical prophecy of a messiah who would rise from the dead and give eternal life in heaven to those who believe in him. This is a time to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus!

- Brant Driedger

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Earth Day - April 22

Today is Earth Day! What a beautiful time of year to get back outdoors and enjoy this magnificent planet that was so divinely incepted by our Creator, God the Father. This weekend, take some time to get outdoors as a family, get into nature and do something impactful for your spirit and our earth.

One of the ways the students contributed to earth day at school today was help with environmental clean-up in the school yard and along the path-ways near-by.

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In an effort to help our community members AND reduce our waste impact to our environment, We are collecting Shoes as part of our Earth day initiatives - all shoes will be picked up at the end of the day on Tuesday April 26. Erin Wildeboer, Liason with the Strathcona County Utilities Diversion Program. Shoes being collected will be distributed to a variety of local charitable organizations to help families in need.

**Send in your shoes no later than Tuesday April 26


Please take a moment to log-in to your parent portal and check out your school fees as some fees have been added for Semester 2 Programming and are now due. Some outstanding fees include:

  • Junior University k-4
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Foods (7,8)
  • Locker Use Fee (5-8)
  • Technology Use Fee - K-3

**These fees were not added at the start of they year and may have been missed - Please review your parent portal.

Please note, Badminton and Drumheller fees will be ready for payment in the next week or so.

Spread the Word

We still have a few spots left in our 2022 / 2023 Nature Kindergarten program - Tell your friends all about it and help us grow our school community through this amazing program!!!
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Support for Ukraine

Over the past number of weeks, the entire EICS community has opened their hearts and shared with the EICS Support for Ukraine initiative. From friendship bracelets to school bake sales and art shows, a total of $22, 845.50. These funds will directly support our sister school in Ukraine to help supply food and other necessities for those seeking refuge. So thankful to our amazing EICS community.
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Want to do More to help?? Become a HOST FAMILY

Are you looking to Host or Sponsor a refuge or refuge family from Ukraine???? Please consider checking out this link below and praying it over with your family.


OR Click here to check out some of the other initiatives and options offered through the county.

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Library Corner

Thank you to everyone who made purchases at our book fair last week! Your support for our library, and literacy in our school and home is very much appreciated. We will now be able to bring in over $2000 worth of new and exciting books for our students and staff. That’s amazing!! Everyone had so much fun, and it was great to have the fair back in our school!

Congratulations to Julia Gall in kindergarten who won the draw for $25 worth of books for her, and also, $25 in books for her classroom. ~ Mrs. Spilchak was very happy! ;)

Also, congratulations to Lyndon in grade 7 who won the candy jar

contest. There were 551 candies in the jar and he guessed 467.

~Mrs. Scoggins

Highlights from this past week

Please enjoy the following pics from the week....

Indigenous Learning - April - AYIKIPISIM - Frog Moon

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The new month of April brings us the new moon called Frog Moon.

April is a time of reawakening and rebirth. Take time to breath deeply, to sit quietly, and feel the changes in Mother Earth as inspiration for renewal in yourself. Easter is a time of joyful hope and of new life for Christians throughout the world.

Mother Earth is awakening with new life all around us. A few weeks ago Pope Francis made a public apology for the trauma caused from the residential school system.

Pope Francis’ apology can draw us to renew our own path toward reconciliation through listening, learning, growing our personal understanding, and taking action to honour Indigenous peoples and cultures in our classrooms, schools, and communities.

Nutrition Program

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Holy Redeemer Parent Advisory Council (PAC)

Holy Redeemer Parent Advisory Council (PAC)

Please join us for our PAC meeting - May 17, 2022, 6:30 p.m.– all parents/caregivers are welcome to join. Some important topics on the agenda include:

1) Spring Fundraising

2) PAC Supported outdoor improvements

Join Google Meeting:

Please see our webpage for more information on meetings:

You can also join our Facebook group:

PAC Plant SALE Fundraiser

This afternoon, your children have come home with the following plant sale fundraiser information sheet. For your convenience, ordering may be placed through the HEALTHY HUNGER @

GrACE Summit - 2022

The 2022 Annual GrACE Summit will take place on Monday, May 30 from 10 a.m. until 3:30 p.m.

For registration and program information, please click on the following poster: Grace Summit 2022

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NEW! 2022-2023 School Year Calendar - Approved by EICS

Common Topics and Quick Links

OLPH Parish

  1. A Reminder about spring registration for First Reconciliation & First Holy Communion INCLUDING a special invitation for family whose children age 7-10 are not yet Baptized. We have special preparation available for those families so the little ones can be welcomed in Baptism during the Easter season then go on to celebrate the other sacraments with their classmates. Please share widely in your classrooms! A direct invitation from the grade 2-4 teachers would be extremely helpful.
  2. Invitations for two different adult Faith Formation opportunities being offered in April by the parish GiFT Committee (Growing in Faith Together.) Please share with all EICS staff and parents. You do not need to be an OLPH parishioner to participate.
Pope Francis Easter Blessing

In this address, he prays with us for peace in war torn countries and for reconciliation, among many other things.

Frog Moon - FAMILY Activities to do at home

Have you ever heard the sounds that frogs make outside? In traditional Cree and Metis communities, when the frogs would leave the stillness of the pond and start croaking, this was the time they knew they would begin preparing the land for the growing season.

Go for a walk outside to your special place, notice your surroundings. ... Crouch down like a seed and then sprout and grow taller and taller! How high can you reach?

Below are some fun things to try at home with your family.

How Does A Seed Become A Plant? | Backyard Science | SciShow Kids
How To Draw A Tree Frog
How To Draw A Cartoon Frog