Huff Weekly Newsletter

Week of September 19th - 23rd

A Note from the Teacher

If you haven't signed up for a parent/teacher conference with me yet, please get online and do so quickly! Go to

At that link, you will be asked for your Entry Code, where you should

enter 0SB1102942

Thompson Crossing Student Council is hosting Penny Wars throughout next week. Money raised will be combined with the rest of Franklin Township's donations and then given to Riley Children's Hospital as a large donation at the end of the school year. Please consider letting your child participate in this noble cause. Pennies and Dollar bills are positive points toward a grade level's score and silver coins are negative points toward a grade level's score. The winning grade level at the end of the week will earn an ice cream party with Mr. Murphy!

We had an exciting time listening to an astrophysicist speak to us this past Friday. Ask your child one thing they learned.

Our class has the honor of saying the pledge of allegiance on the announcements for next week! Ask your child what day they will be on the announcements!

Don’t forget to sign your child’s Star Card over the weekend so they receive full recess on Monday. The Star Card signature lets me know that you are seeing how your child is doing at school and it opens a communication gateway for your child, you, and me to be all on the same understanding of goals and expectations.

We are STILL IN NEED of a Room Parent Volunteer for our class. Room parents organize and carry out three class parties during the school year with the help of other parent volunteers. Typically these parties include games and crafts. Snacks are not permitted in the schools for parties. The students love these parties and look forward to them and the fun involved. If you are interested in being a room parent, please email Crystal Harves - to let her know. If you would like to be a parent volunteer, you can email her as well.


Watch this video to see students using our iPad technology to complete a main idea activity this past week!



Learn to Type Resources

Our Goal is to start answering more of our reading written responses online rather than on paper. These resources are a great practice at home to build your child’s typing confidence!

Google Drive

Your children have been accessing their Google accounts through Google Drive recently. All of your children were assigned an email address this year. I am in the process of adding this information to your child's passwords page. Many children already know how to access this from home. Ask your child to show you how!

A Peek at Next Week


  • We will finish discussing scientific models

  • We will take a Unit 1 Assessment together as a class


  • There will be no reading assessment this week as we will be taking our NWEA Map assessments on Monday & Tuesday.

  • We will spend some time studying Main Idea through a digital lesson plan

Language Arts

  • Possessive Nouns


  • Unit 2, Week 4 words

  • Students will have a spelling contract to complete by Friday. This is something they will complete at school unless they choose to take it home to work on with you.


  • Unit 2, Lessons 10 - 13 Classifying Triangles, Classifying Quadrilaterals, Finding Lines of Symmetry, and Finding the Pattern

Social Studies

  • Students are now in either Mrs. McQuitty or Mrs. McCloud’s social studies class as I am teaching math lab during this time of day.
  • Focus is on the Branches of Government

Upcoming Tests & Assignments

Math - Unit 3 Pre-Test WEDNESDAY

Reading - None

Language Arts - Grammar Quiz over Possessive nouns FRIDAY

Spelling - U.2, Week 4 Spelling Test Online FRIDAY

MAP Testing (NWEA) - watch this link for more information on what this assessment is all about -

Mark Your Calendar

  • Skating Party @ Wheels of Wonder - September 12th
  • NWEA Testing September 19th & 20th

  • Penny Wars - September 19th - 23rd

  • Homecoming Parade - Downtown Wanamaker - 5:30 pm

  • September 23rd - End of 9 Weeks

September Birthdays

Audrey - 9/5

Anna - 9/7

Tomi - 9/9

Brooklyn - 9/18

Wesley - 9/21

Ravinder - 9/25