2014-2015 School Year

By: Allison Tague

What did you enjoy most about the school year?

I enjoyed meeting new people and getting involved in new groups and activities. I learned how to challenge myself and motivate myself and others. It was my first year of high school and it was pretty good, I got to take classes that were very interesting and I always did my best.

Things I learned this school year

I learned many things this school year. One of my favorite things I learned how to do was cook a "pizza cookie". Another would be I learned how to properly buckle up a baby in a car seat and unhook them. I also learned how to fly while someone is single basing me in cheer.

Things I participated in

I participated in many activities this year. One of my favorite groups/ sports I joined though was cheer leading. It always pushed my limits and it was fun to be apart of a team ho all loved to do cool tricks and amaze people. Another would be track and I also participated in IJAG.

Goals for next year

I have many goals for next year I want to complete. One of the goals are to make my hurdle time faster. Another would be to get all A's. I would also like to gain muscle.

Summer plans

I don't really have an agenda for summer. That would really defeat the purpose of summer because you're suppose to just relax and go with the flow. I know I am going camping and have cheer practice every day of the week. I would like to try and get a job also.